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A Modular Hypothetical…Flexible, Sustainable and Resource Efficient



Suppose you’re put in charge of an ambitious young consulting business with a sparky team of gimlet-eyed wizz kids, and then, out of the blue, you’re offered a lucrative contract to manage a construction project in the Dibang Valley. The client wants the whole team out there, boots on the ground, for thirteen months in Arunachal Pradesh (which makes sense because that’s where the Dibang Valley is). But Arunachal Pradesh is also one of India’s remotest regions, so you’re not going to find an office to rent there, let alone accommodation for you and your team, and worse still, there’s nowhere on-site to work from either. So what do you do: say thanks but no thanks, turn your back on all those profits? Of course, you don’t…you work around the problem…you start to search for a practical solution.

That’s where you begin to learn a bit more about modular construction.


All you could possibly want…or need

All the office space and staff accommodation you could possibly want can be pre-ordered for production in environmentally controlled conditions, adopting an intricate system of interlocking units. That’s what Modular Construction is. Each of the units is individually designed to exacting specifications, making use of AI and 3D Printing technologies, ready to be shipped out and assembled where it’s needed most: in your case, of course, that’s the Dibang Valley. The entire process can be completed twice as quickly as traditional bricks and mortar techniques, and it’ll cost you up to 40% less than a dinosaur alternative. What’s more, you don’t even need to recruit a local labour force in Arunachal Pradesh because your construction team will arrive on trucks along with the finished modules, and at that end of the process (final assembly), hyper-efficient 3D design technologies will make sure everything slots together (literally) without a hitch.

Hey, presto…, now you can book the team’s plane tickets and get them off to work.

Well, not quite…


Sustainability and circularity…

After all, you’re a young company, and the modular structures on offer certainly better value when it comes to the bottom line, but still not cheap: on any basis, you’re looking at a major investment here, so it would be nice not to have to abandon your new office and accommodation units in the desolate outer reaches of Arunachal Pradesh once the contract comes to an end. It would be nice to be able to re-use them instead, make the most of your hard-earned cash, and ship the units off to another location for reassembly …ready to be used on the next project.

Well, happily, you can do just that…Modular Construction is not only the most cost-efficient and flexible building solution on the market today (by far), but it’s also the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option. That’s because it’s an essential part of the DNA of any modular structure that it can be re-used… just like you need it to be.

Modular Technologies are currently at the heart of an increasingly circular and ever more sustainable way of building things better, not to mention protecting our precious planet in the process. These technologies routinely adopt innovative Design for Disassembly techniques (or “DfD”) so as to minimize waste when the structure comes to the end of its initial user period (in your case, barring overruns, thirteen months (see above)) and the disassembly process is also calibrated exactingly so that as much as possible of the original structure can be uncoupled, loaded up, and shipped off…ready to be reassembled somewhere else. 

Carefully numbered plans will even tell you which element to remove first, and which next, so as to avoid damaging the integrity of the structure. It’s all a far cry from traditional demolition processes, where virtually everything, from broken bricks to rusting, twisted steel work, is destined for the local landfill site. 

Modularity means flexibility, sustainability, and resource efficiency…so whether you’re a young company or a corporate veteran, that has to be good for all our futures.


Modulex (

Modulex is a ConstrucTech Company working at the vanguard of emerging global construction: making use of 3D volumetric steel modular techniques: harnessing the power of emerging technologies, including AI, Blockchain and IoT, to meet burgeoning housing and infrastructure needs in developing and emerging markets. Delivering at pace and with optimal cost efficiencies.


Executive Overview

Taking things down sustainably can be just as important as putting them up…and that’s where modular technologies are a game changer.

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Modulex Construction ( is the World’s largest Steel Modular Building Company. It was established by Red Ribbon ( to harness the full potential of fast evolving technologies and deliver at pace to meet social needs within global communities.

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