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Modular construction

Fuel, the Future and Better Healthcare…All brought closer by Modular Technologies

With a cruel war raging in Ukraine, and oil prices spiralling, fuel distribution has suddenly assumed a new priority: which means we need better and more efficient delivery systems, and we need them where they’re needed most, however out of the way that might be. So if it wasn’t obvious before, the imperative of addressing fuel poverty is glaringly obvious now. It’s not something that can wait months (or years) for the clunking dinosaurs of conventional construction to crawl forward with a solution. That’s why, along with other oil majors  Jet Service Stations ( have turned to Modular Construction systems: prefabricating 90% of components within a tightly defined collection system, and delivering a fully functional service station within just six weeks of the order being placed (final assembly takes less than a week).


Just think of the difference that can make to an arable farmer working in India’s remote hinterland, where 25% of the world’s pulses are produced, the planet’s second greatest source of rice, wheat and cotton ( Ready access to fuel can be a gamechanger for these vital workers.


Schools and Hospitals too…

Then, of course, there are schools and hospitals, each in their own way struggling to meet the aftershocks of the pandemic and the complex challenges of an increasingly sophisticated world: now, more than ever, they have to be flexible enough to respond to rapidly changing conditions in remote locations (and not so remote locations too).


By using modular technologies, everything from small classrooms to entire schools can be rapidly constructed, on a temporary or permanent basis, to meet those needs: each one of them as unique as the bright eyed pupils behind the desks. Inventive spaces, designed to deliver inspirational learning. And there’s nothing bland or boring about modular construction either: using the best modern materials to create readymade collaborative spaces, more natural light, and eco-friendly sustainability, the pupils are likely to be happier as well.


Education for all is, of course, at the beating heart of our rapidly changing world: and, with modular school structures, our children can start to shape that future sooner than we ever imagined in the dark days of the broken bricks and girders.


And when it comes to hospitals, entire intensive care units and patient rooms can now be prefabricated off site for ready and rapid assembly. There are even proprietary scrub rooms and bathroom pods, and for those lacking specialist ergonomic and patient flow advisers (something of an art in itself), you can even buy an entire hospital, crated up and ready for assembly…that’s not a flippant suggestion either, bearing in mind the critical need for healthcare facilities in the remoter parts of the Subcontinent and Sub Saharan Africa.


Modular technologies aren’t just a game changer…they can be a life saver too.


Executive Overview

Modular Technologies are currently reaching parts dinosaur construction can’t touch: and they’re making profound changes for the better…everyone’s a winner in our new age.


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Modulex Modular Buildings Plc ( is currently building the World’s largest Steel Modular Building Factory. It was established by Red Ribbon ( to harness the full potential of fast evolving technologies and deliver at pace to meet housing needs within global communities.

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